Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My DailyMile

So when my friend told me about I thought, eh. It will probably be one of those things that I join for a hot second and drop just as fast. You know the ones. Where the only people you talk to end up being the person that invited you and one of their really odd beat friends that you are nice to, but secretly you think "What the hell is wrong with that person?" Well, less than a week in and I'm hooked!

Already I've found myself with 20 "friends" on the site. It's amazing. I never thought that there would be such an overwhelming response and outreach! I have comments and messages galore from people that I don't even know all because we are there for one thing! Sooooo amazing. So tonight, I leave you with this. My post from my DailyMile. And I invite you to join the site, too!!! (Make sure to friend me while you are there ;) )

Well, here you go--

Penguin Steps

Wow. I started off this morning thinking "How in the world am I going to motivate myself for a run tonight? It's cold and ugly out, my day at work was blah, I'm tired, I'm hungry..." Good lord can I come up with excuses!!! But then I jumped on here to see how everyone was doing and BAM! Look at all of the friends I have now! I didn't expect this kind of a response, I thought maybe one or two people. And the awesome words of encouragement??? I couldn't be more happy about this site. So glad my darling friend Tessie had me join :)

So, you all motivated me. I planned on doing 3 miles, and I can't remember the last time I went out for a run and didn't take a break to walk thinking "Well this hurts or that hurts" But tonight I pushed out 5 miles with NO walk break.

Parts of my route were so icy that I had to slow down and do penguin steps (at least that's what I call them. little itty bitty steps because every time you step down you slide back a bit lol) The wind was blowing, I looked disgusting with sweat frozen to my eyelashes and I'm sure my nose was a little less than adorable. But you know what I love most about running? That it doesn't even matter to me how I look because at the end of my run, I feel amazing.

A huge thanks to all of you for being my stellar motivation and support! Tonight was great!


  1. I think it is amazing you went for a 3 mile run, because so often it is easy to make excuses. Keep up,the good work lovely!

  2. As someone who can't yet run an entire mile without wanting to die at the end of it, I can only hope to get to this point! Keep on doin' what you do!

  3. I am good at making excuses. I hate exercising. Had been planning to go for run for last two weeks but i have failed miserably LOL.Well done for running 3 miles. That's amazing. I have followed you. Hope you follow me back. Cheers.