Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Challenge Ahead

Well I've been pretty damn lazy for no good reason, so when the owner of the company I work for opened up a weight loss challenge, I accepted. It's not a long one, just three and a half weeks. The winnings? $500 and a 6 month gym membership. Along with that, he will be buying healthy lunches for everyone that is participating three days a week and I get a free one month membership to a gym less than half a mile from work. How could I say no? So here goes nothing!!! Yesterday (first day of the challenge) I biked 13 miles in 45 minutes and did the elliptical for 15 minutes :) Today I went on an hour and a half walk with my friend and tomorrow I'm going to become even closer friends with the bike when I try for 16 miles in 45 minutes (mind you this ranges from 6-10 difficulty level on the machine). Hoooooray for a challenge!